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While my day job is breaking software” I also spend a lot of time writing, editing, and reviewing, in a freelance and also volunteer capacity. While I do prefer working on fiction (novels and short stories, as well as editing) I’ve also got over twenty years’ experience in technical writing, including knowledge base writing, technical documentation, how-tos and training material. I am 100% interested in hearing about any freelance writing and/or editing opportunities, so please get in touch if you are looking for someone in this space.

My official writing site is at www.jessicanickelsen.com, which is where I occasionally post about published books and stories, and other bookish topics. I also write about that stuff in my newsletter. (All the links are here.)

I have a Goodreads page, which has links to all the books, anthologies, etc, I’ve had something to do with. (Here!)


I’ll slowly be adding everything to the wee shopfront I’ve got at ko-fi; but Amazon and other universal links are also below.

Catnip & Brimstone

A coming of age novella about a girl and her magical cat. It’s also set in Karori, New Zealand :)

When Charley is catnapped by a strange man in a dark cloak, Beth does everything she can to get him back. But what will happen when Charley does come into his power, and what form will it take? And how can life ever return to normal when Beth and Charley attract the notice of several magical factions with their own agendas?

Catnip & Brimstone is a bittersweet novella about friendship, loyalty, and finding one’s own path.

Available from

catnip & brimstonecatnip & brimstone

The Dark Offering and other stories

A short story collection!

A father throws his son a birthday pool party, despite his suspicion that something lurks beneath the surface. A snooping kleptomaniac alienates her schoolmates when she uncovers a mystery. A ghost becomes obsessed with the new residents in her” house. A man’s dream of a terrifying encounter with swans turns into a wet nightmare doppelganger scenario. A teenager home from university struggles with many kinds of loss after her grandfather’s death.

Available from:

the dark offeringthe dark offering


Your Friend, Biggs” - a ghost story about a jewel thief who gets more than he bargained for on a late-night neighbourhood prowl. Included in the Five By Five anthology. (Amazon link)

The Obstinate One” - a gothic short story about a haunting, love, and obsession. It’s included in the Lost Souls anthology by Flame Tree Publishing. (Amazon link)

Ramona” - 1. A short story by Jess Nickelsen. 2. A protagonist named Ramona. 3. A story unfolded around a list of objects. 4. A body. (Published by Noise Medium, 2017)

Other things

I’m one of the editors for the Utopia Science Fiction Magazine’s 5 year anthology, which you can find more info about here (Goodreads)!

I was a game reviewer for twelve years! Though many of my published reviews online have been lost to the vagaries of dead web links, I’ve managed to pull a few of these together and have popped them on their own page here.