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The Dark Offering and other stories, available from:


What drives perfectly nice people to do desperate things?

A father throws his son a birthday pool party, despite his suspicion that something lurks beneath the surface. A kleptomaniac outcast with a habit of snooping alienates her schoolmates when she uncovers a mystery. A ghost won’t accept no for an answer when she falls in love with a living man. A man’s dream of a terrifying encounter with swans turns into a wet nightmare doppelganger scenario. A teenager home from university struggles with many kinds of loss after her grandfather’s death.


The Obstinate One” - a gothic short story, about a ghost who won’t accept no for an answer. It’s included in the Lost Souls anthology by Flame Tree Publishing. (Amazon link)

Ramona - 1. A short story by Jess Nickelsen. 2. A protagonist named Ramona. 3. A story unfolded around a list of objects. 4. A body. (Published by Noise Medium, 2017)