Remember blogrolls? Well I’m bringing one back, dammit. Here’s all the good stuff:

micro blogging

Burk’s Tagmoji — useful if you’re on, or just want to poke around :)


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My micro blog

Miraz’s list of kiwis on

micro pals

a few folk whose contributions to really pull the place together! This will probably grow to a ridiculous list because the whole platform is basically a fabulous group of humans.

@johnphilpin: savvy, funny and likes to poke things with a pointy stick

@jack: I’m pretty sure I can blame Jack for pointing me in the direction of Blot. He also inspires much tech/gadget/vinyl/photo/stationery envy. Funny too :)

@macgenie: keeps things classy :) Plus the resident Guinea Pig queen.

@jw: could be weird because we read each other’s weblogs in the 90s. It’s not. Go-to guy for all things music, web, and Stardew :)

@annie: super-inspiring. A mum, a writer, and all around awesome person.

@smokey: heart and soul of the community

@burk: total enabler! a running machine :D

@vasta: always manages to add something to a conversation to raise the whole calibre up a notch or two.

@kitt: the friendliest gal on the interwebs :)

Other blogs

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