- changelog

I decided it was probably (?) a good idea to create a changelog to track the comings and goings on the site. I don’t think I’ll backdate this but as I do like to tinker on the site I think it’ll be interesting to see all the changes over time.

15 Feb, 2024 Added h-card details to the head (primarily so I can join the indie webring, haha!) Also finally tweaked the automator script that was creating blog posts from my obsidian files so that it would replace existing files, thus eliminating the awkwardness of having multiple posts for the same thing. Whew!

23 Jan, 2024 Added a reviews page; still trying to set up Webmentions, but I’ve sent an SOS to the Blot team; watch this space. Renamed resources’ page to links’.

7 Dec, 2023 Unsurprisingly: added a changelog.