Hi, I’m Jess. Welcome to the blog. If reading my blatherings in a low-fi sort of way isn’t enough, here are some other places you can find me online:

In addition to writing at (which uses, I also micro blog at

Whew, that’s a lot of discombobulation.

Before getting into indieblogging / microblogging, I wrote a lot at You can find my archives, which date back to ~2003, there.

I post scans of photos I take and develop on Flickr.

I craft on Instagram.

I don’t know if comments are the done thing, any more? I’m still figuring out this new platform, so unfortunately if you want to say hi at present you can either pop over to one of those other venues and say hello, or write me an email at jessica.nickelsen (at) gmail (dot) com.

This may change in future, (investigating comment options) so stay tuned!