Hi, I’m Jess. Welcome to the blog. Here you’ll find conversational-style musings about a range of topics, including writing, gaming, crafts, books, the esoteric, raising a child, and general life in New Zealand.

Here’s a small sum-up of my online presence:

  • This blog is hosted at (which uses

  • I also micro blog at (And am Micro Monday interview #9 with Jean MacDonald!)

  • My old blog can be found at You can find my archives, which date back to ~2003, there.

  • I also wrote a tarot blog for a while, which I think still holds up. I am currently looking at ways I can use these little powerhouses of symbol to help enhance my brainstorming / wild creative ways, and even as a method of structuring my fiction writing. This post, Tarot for writers, pretty much sums up how I use the cards when I’m thinking creatively.

  • I used to post scans of photos I took and developed on Flickr, but I’ve found their pricing model change is too hard to justify right now. Watch this space.

  • I post pictures of things I’ve crafted on Instagram, though to be honest I’ve been taking a break from that platform lately.

  • Even older: archive (courtesy of the wayback machine) of my diary-x blog. Oddly, this only shows the archive for 2001 (but surely that’s enough, right?) In looking for this link though I managed to bring up some later entries (see this one from 2005). I guess you could work your way backwards from there if you were seriously determined. I don’t even know if I am, to be honest. But thanks Wayback Machine, all the same!

I don’t know if comments are the done thing, any more? I’m still figuring out this new platform, so unfortunately if you want to say hi at present you can either pop over to one of those other venues and say hello, or write me an email at jessica.nickelsen (at) gmail (dot) com.

This may change in future, (investigating comment options) so stay tuned!

(P.S. If you like what you read, I’d love it if you’d consider buying me a coffee!)