Hi, I’m Jess. Welcome to the blog. Here you’ll find conversational-style musings about a range of topics, including writing, gaming, crafts, books, the esoteric, raising a child, and general life in New Zealand.

Here’s a small sum-up of my online presence:

  • This blog is hosted at discombobulated.co.nz (which uses blot.im)

  • My official writing blog” (still a bit under construction) is at www.jessicanickelsen.com

  • I also micro blog at discombobulated.micro.blog. (And am Micro Monday interview #9 with Jean MacDonald!)

  • I post scans of photos I take and self-develop on Flickr.

  • I post pictures of things I’ve crafted on Instagram.

  • My old blog can be found at herself.wordpress.com. You can find my archives, which date back to ~2003, there. (Note I have currently–temporarily?–put these behind a password while I think about how much of my past writing I still want hanging around, like a bad smell…)

  • I also wrote a tarot blog for a while, which I think still holds up. I am currently looking at ways I can use these little powerhouses of symbol to help enhance my brainstorming / wild creative ways, and even as a method of structuring my fiction writing. This post, Tarot for writers, pretty much sums up how I use the cards when I’m thinking creatively.

  • Even older: archive (courtesy of the wayback machine) of my diary-x blog. Oddly, this only shows the archive for 2001 (but surely that’s enough, right?) In looking for this link though I managed to bring up some later entries (see this one from 2005). I guess you could work your way backwards from there if you were seriously determined. I don’t even know if I am, to be honest. But thanks Wayback Machine, all the same!

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