February 8, 2024 - Good morning sunshine - brief thoughts on breast reconstruction


Not much on really, though I have been doing a bit of reading around on mastectomies and flat closures,” which is when you get the operation done with no extra reconstruction done. It’s wild to think that no reconstruction” is somehow more radical than getting reconstruction done.

After my conversation last week with my doctor (I have a follow up with her in six months) I was feeling a little confused about what I wanted to do. I was pretty sure” I wasn’t keen on extra reconstruction, if only because–for me–the thought of having an implant or belly or back fat turned into new boobs feels more alien than not having them at all.

But at the same time…what would that look like? On me? Can I still wear the same clothes? (I mean, duh, but what about dresses that have some bust darts etc? Will I just look like a child playing dress-up?)

Also, there’s some pretty significant scarring involved, and the thought of having no nipples at all also feels really weird. But to weigh that up against a quite significant increase in likelihood of getting breast cancer (around 80% likely by the time I turn 80) and the decision gets a little easier.

But then you see people like this lady and it makes you think, why am I letting all of this slow me down? Lemme just live my life and get on with all the good stuff!

Some other good looking resources:

(Obviously I have a lot more to think about, but I’m slowly getting used to the idea of prophylactic surgery. I’ll try and title these posts so people who don’t want to read about that stuff can hopefully not get caught out by it.)