February 7, 2024 - Whoops


strawberry cake for L's birthdaystrawberry cake for L's birthday

Whoops–I started writing this back on the 4th, after also starting another blog post back on the first that wound up going in circles a bit. It was about in-game journalling, as well as the gaming log / after-action report phenomenon, but I wound up losing my way a bit with the post. I’ll have to come back to it at some stage.

After a long extended Waitangi weekend (it fell on a Tuesday this year, which meant most people also just took Monday off) it’s all hands on deck now, with after school activities kicking off and work slowly dribbling in for me. It feels like a relief to have a few hours ticking over now.

Our holiday plans are happening in earnest now, with tickets booked for Thailand / South Korea / Japan! Leila has a notebook she’s been keeping with all sorts of ideas about places to go and see, and she and I went and got our passport photos taken at the chemist today. I’ve started the passport application but it’s so boring I’ll probably have to do it in a few sessions. I know the photos at the chemist thing is weird but I swear every time I try and do my own ID photos weird things happen. It’s just easier when it’s out of your hands, even though mine is outrageously hideous.

I am forcing myself to keep going with Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, not because it is particularly terrible but I just think it’s the wrong vibe for me right now. Looking at the blurbs on the back it feels like the sort of copy you would write about health food, or something else you should do because it’s good for you. intimate yet sweeping, modern yet timeless…” to read this book is to laugh, to mourn, to learn and to grow…”

In other news, I really enjoyed this blog post by Brain Baking, on Denkin mit der Hand,” ie writing by hand. Everyone knows the spiel by now, but it was good to see some accumulated academic stuff about it.

Another thing I read and enjoyed was this substack piece by Mason Currey about writer David Milch’s weird writing process. I like the sound of the two voices” exercise as well, especially the part where you stick them in an envelope and don’t look at them again. Presumably at some point you do actually re-open the envelope, or I may be missing some important part of the process.

I’m sitting with the door open, it’s a sunny day and there are cotton ball clouds smeared across the sky. Someone’s dog is barking and a man, somewhere across the wee valley, is making strange also-barking sounds. I can’t tell if he is in a rage or making fun of the dogs.