January 4, 2024 - Here we are


bring out the laserbring out the laser

Well, here we are then. 2024! Looks kind of futuristic. Already in the last four days I have recovered from a hangover, finished reading a book, started a new one, cleared out the linen cupboard, started and finished watching a Thai drama, finished a long-standing Korean one with Steve, and pushed a new ebook to Amazon. Amazing what you can do when you have time on your hands and no-one is working. The monarchs have hatched and the buggers are already laying new eggs on my only slightly reviving swan plants.

I’ve been adding snippets to a new Day One journal, and I’m getting an old one printed from the 2015-2017 years when Leila was little. I’ve started another journal I’m roughly calling 7 Things” which I fill out each night with seven vivid images or memories from the day.

I need to remember that doing things in a snippety way is a valid way to do them. Little and often does compound. It feels snappy. To the point. But you also feel like you’re getting there.

Happy New Year!