January 29, 2024 - A massive weekend


Whew! Massive weekend culminating with Leila’s birthday yesterday. Ten kids, out of their minds on sugar and the joy of being together. Also, I suspect a frenzy borne out of this being the last week of holidays before school goes back on the 1st. For a brief moment I thought I could manage both the party, and my regular D&D Sunday game, but I had to give my apologies in the end, and it’s probably a good thing too. I was collapsed on top of the bed by 8:30.

It was warm yesterday but today’s weather has been truly weird:

heavy, manheavy, man

Quite cool, humid. Clouds currently dark grey and pink. A pinkish cast on the upper cloud, while the lower ones are roiling across the sky. Came downstairs after dinner to work through some Utopia submissions (two rejections, one maybe), and yet another vain attempt at trying to whittle down the number of open tabs in my web browser. I’ll keep trying, I guess!

Also have been going through my TTRPG files of late, looking for a good ruleset and good intro adventure for a group of tabletop newbies who are keen on dungeons and dragons.” For a bit I briefly did think of starting off with 5th Ed D&D (now renamed” DnD, sheesh) but I think that way lies much page flipping rather than actual playing. So instead, I’m leaning towards using Maze Rats or Knave, with a bit more of an OSR-leaning adventure. I’ll just tell everyone it’s D&D, but simplified a bit.”

Adventure-wise I’m leaning towards maybe rerunning The Waking of Willowby Hall (not that I am a Questing Beast fangirl, but it is very kid friendly, as are Maze Rats and Knave, by the same author, Ben Milton)–see here if you are curious! At the same time both (Maze Rats and Knave, I mean) get into the heart of what’s fun with tabletop gaming, and that’s making stuff up and throwing it into the mix at the table, but they can also slot into established titles relatively easily, and they are quick to roll up a character for.

A nice segue after those two is The Black Hack, which is more fleshed-out, with classes and everything but some interesting use of the economy die (which I struggled with a bit, until I actually played a game using it and it is FANTASTIC). After that we could go into either Old School Essentials or even take the 5E plunge if kids really want some crunch and page flipping.