January 15, 2024 - Clothes shopping


I gave myself the weekend off and that seemed to work pretty well… now it’s Monday and I had a work meeting, though from the sound of it work proper won’t kick off until next week when I will have something to test. So I have another meeting on Thursday but apart from that I can still semi consider myself in holiday mode.

I did go online though and get some clothes in the Kowtow sale (ugh) and some more fabric from the Fabric store (ugh) and another dress pattern, this time the Reginie dress from Republique du Chiffon, that I may try and make to dance in at Taniwha’s Den this Waitangi hols. I haven’t been sewing much but at the moment I seem to be drawn to wildly-coloured party dresses. Considering I spent most of my days in black sweatpants and tshirts it’s like sewing for my dance-partying-superhero-alter-ego self. It’s actually really fun. I should have waited until I actually got paid but MEH, the work thing is kicking off and oh well.

I’m also working my way through the own your web newsletter series which is exactly what it sounds like, and also really interesting.

I have a kazillion tabs open in my browser right now, all quite interesting things that I have no intention of reading, but when I go to close them my brain goes, hm, maybe I’ll read that later and they stay open. It’s stupid and annoying. Same thing with emails. I’m running out of space with my gmail (mostly due to google photos, which I also can’t figure out, because I keep deleting old photos but the disk space fullness just isn’t decreasing). I’m tempted to just delete everything (I have my photos backed up to multiple drives, plus Backblaze) and start over again.

I hate this internet admin stuff…it’s so easy to just waste so much time trying to clear the dregs!