January 12, 2024 - Utopia's 5 year anthology, and a trip into Wellington


Yesterday was actually quite busy–again, it’s interesting how much you can fit in a day that doesn’t have any work in it. Leila had a play date round the bays at a friend’s, and after I dropped her off I drove into the city and spent a couple of hours at the writing studio. I got pages done and also read about four Utopia submissions. (I am a slush pile reader / assistant fiction editor at Utopia Science Fiction magazine. Just btw if you enjoy sci-fi and like short fiction, we’ve recently published our 5 year anthology issue and it is jam-packed with some amazing stories.)

I don’t know if it’s the summer weather, but that drive into Wellington was something else! I had the windows rolled down, tunes blasting, everything felt alive. The wee red rental car felt sprightly and zippy. It was lovely strolling down Vivian Street and along Cuba, lots of people out and everyone looking happy. And then I got some good work done. So simple but so satisfying.

Then back home, and I went back out with Steve to drop off the rental and pick our car up from the panelbeater’s. We went to Gear Street Union for buffalo chicken and a beer (had wanted to go to Lucky Cat but they are only open during the day on Friday-Sunday). Got the car, swung by to collect the child, and wound up sitting for a natter for over an hour. Home, neither Stever nor I felt like eating anything more. Had a glass of pinot gris and a kransky. Played some Baldur’s Gate 3.

Holidays. Amazing!