January 11, 2024 - Going back to work soon


In bed again, this morning, looking out the windows at the pilot boats bringing in a tanker to refuel at the Point Howard wharf. It might be a weird thing to like (apparently some of the people who live down on Marine Parade have been complaining about the lights at night, LOL) but I really like everything about the big boats coming in. I like their huge shapes cutting across the blue of the harbour, with the bright red pilot boats accompanying them; I like the lights at night; I like the sound of their engines as they carry up the hills to us. I like it when they will sometimes toot as they are leaving. They’re just cool.

Yesterday my writing was a bit lame, but I did do some. I’m a bit worried that daily blogging, the 7 Things journal, and once-in-a-while Day One writing is rendering the little hobonichi a bit redundant, though that of course is good for sticking in photos, notes, snippets, receipts, etc. I may need to re-think what I use it for! But quickly…somehow it is the 10th of January already?!

I got a work email yesterday, asking if I was going to be back next week. I said yes, and promptly got sent a meeting invite for 11am, ugh! On one hand I’m glad to be getting some more work–Christmas seriously drained my bank balance and I need to start refilling that well–but it’s the signal that all this lovely relaxing time is slowly going to end. At least this year I can keep reminding myself that we have a trip in store and I’m doing this for a reason!

I also got to catch up with my cousin Katrina, who was briefly up in Wellington for a bit while she was over from Australia for the holidays (mostly in Christchurch). We haven’t seen each other in over five years so it was really good to just sit down with a cuppa and basically just talk! She and her sister Louise are probably my closest cousins, but just as we’ve all set down roots in different places we haven’t had the chance to see each other face-to-face in a long time.

The day ended in the pool again–we’re in the thick of summer now. I need to get my film cameras out again.