December 9, 2023 - Summer


walkway to the seawalkway to the sea

I submitted my blog to the webring but it doesn’t have enough non-blog unique content to qualify. If I create project pages for my writing that would apparently work, but I’m not sure how I would do that. Perhaps going back to the idea of content buckets that I was pondering yesterday, where I can somehow group smaller posts under an umbrella and bring them all together. I’m sure it must be relatively straightforward to do but I’m an intuitive web-cobbler rather than coming from anything structured, so I would need to feel my way into it.

Today is karate grading. I’m in bed still, at 9:52am. Need to eat a big breakfast before 10:30 to leave some digestion time. Grading’s at 12:30. Leila is going up the road to a birthday party, briefly, before we have to grab her and head out.

We’re both going for our green belt. It feels good to be making progress but I am a little worried about my right knee, which is feeling a bit weak at the moment. I’ll wear a band on it and then give it a good break afterwards. The weird thing about it is it feels relatively ok when I am doing an activity. Like, a bit of a walk yesterday (the photo above is a path that runs from the road down to the sea) with some hills, and once it warmed up it felt fine. No weakness, no twinges. But then later in the evening it started to feel off again. Think I will get to the physio in the new year to look at it.

Been reading some Winnie Lim essays and the very awesome Comfort Food newsletter this morning. I had to actually stop reading the latest comfort food letter (about Malaysian food markets) because I was experiencing sensory overload, but thanks to that Penang has moved on to my list of places I want to go visit in the near future!

It’s December, which means summer here in New Zealand, however like all Decembers it’s still a bit moody, which means very changeable weather. Right now it’s overcast but reasonably warm. For NZ. (17 degrees celcius.) I remember back when I was in high school in Taupo we would get off the bus with togs on underneath and run down to swim in the lake–in October. There has definitely been a shift in the seasons here; summer seems to start later and go on longer. February/March seem to be our hottest months now.

One hour before the birthday party. I stitched up the sleeves on my gi last night. They have been too long for years and I always rolled them up, knowing that the roll was a hazard in sparring but shaking them loose before we did anything and hoping that would do. But I finally got out the sewing machine and did it, as well as sewing on our red stripes from the mid-year grading.

Anyway, a saturday morning blog post about nothing much in particular. But some nice links to check out if you are curious. Have a good weekend!

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