December 31, 2023 - Happy new year


happy new yearhappy new year

Getting ready for the new year by cleaning out the fridge. Why do we have so many sauces?? Did a (very brief) end of year writing post over at the writing blog, but as I mentioned there I am sitting in bed with the cat looking out at the rain, but once I get up I’ll have to get going to tidy up before friends start arriving for our party.

We did it last year too, sort of nudged on by Gen, but it was a good one, with adults and kids, letting the kids go a bit feral, jumping in the pool at midnight, hanging out up there with the punga looming overhead and the views out to the city. The rain’s meant to clear this afternoon, but even if it doesn’t there’s always the garage and ping pong…

I made a dress for the occasion, a orangey-red silk Wilder gown, that feels a bit like I’m wearing my parents’ bedsheets from the 70s, but should still be a laugh. We have fresh sheets on the bed, nice to slip into, in the wee hours.

I was thinking about why we feel so expansive at the end of the year; I think there’s a natural circling-round that goes on, but also because it’s the holidays and most of us have a good chunk of time off work you do get a bit of mental breathing room and some degree of tendency towards introspection.

I’m pretty ok with the past year, and have a few things I’m looking forward to in 2024: a family trip overseas, time in a writing studio in the city, plans for writing and photography and sewing and reading, training as a karate green belt, Leila as a senior (Kahu syndicate) at school, our writing group putting out our first anthology and plans for the second, and hopefully good health for everyone!

In any case, here’s to 2024, and may it be a good one :)