December 13, 2023 - A visit to the writing studio


The glue gun upstairs has a broken off pencil end inside it. Somehow Leila didn’t see the box of spare glue gun glue cylinders and decided that the dwindling supply of glue inside the gun needed an extra push. Now it has broken off and I cannot get the bit of pencil out of there. I was going to unscrew the parts of the glue gun but after spending five minutes rifling through the junk drawer looking for the jeweler’s screwdrivers (they were on the table, beside the pack of glue) I realised that the screws used on the glue gun had weird triangualar screwheads.

I went in to the Wellington Writers’ Studio today. I’m trying it out for a while. I’m not sure if it will be feasible for me to do long-term, but I wrote ten pages while I was in there, and had a nice snack and also went book shopping. I can see going in on a regular basis getting expensive. At the same time I felt like a real human being going and walking around other human beings who have real jobs and dress up for work. It did feel a little strange though. I wonder if I will get used to that feeling. The feeling was not unlike when I first got glasses, and then tried to walk out of the optomitrist’s and down some stairs. I kept sticking my feet out in a really exaggerated way because I couldn’t get used to the change in my vision.

I missed yesterday’s blog post but I’m not going to worry about it. For a minute I considered writing two today but that just takes the fun out of everything.

I’m tired. I caught the ferry both ways. I used to always think the ferry was expensive, but if you think about it, a ten trip ticket costs $72, so a $14.40 round trip. Parking in the city costs about $8 for two hours. If you stay for more than two hours you have to at a minimum, go and pay for parking twice. Potentially it’s more expensive than the ferry, plus you have to drive yourself instead of reading a book and looking at the waves.

I like working from home, but a small touristy trip into the city once a week might work out well, though to make the most of the cost of the studio I’d have to go six times a month. Otherwise it would make more sense to just sporadically go on a casual basis. In any case, it was interesting, and I think it went well!