December 10, 2023 - Whew


obsessed with these flowersobsessed with these flowers

The attempt at not sucking continues. Today so far has been a very big day, starting with big winds and lots of rain, and Steve’s Crazyman duathlon. Dropped him off in Petone just after 8, and then L and I made our way up to Belmont to grab a park and wait till 10:30 or so to do the bike transition. Everything was crazily muddy, and still raining, and everyone was huddling under the eaves of any building they could find (the woolshed, the loos, trees). One of the first runners came in and looked around and realised his support people weren’t there with his running shoes. A shout went up - does anyone have any spare shoes??” Randomly Steve had packed a spare (he usually never does) so I was able to run down and give this guy the back up sneakers. He struggled to get them on (they were just the regular lace-up kind, and after the bike everyone’s fingers weren’t the most agile), and I quickly noted his number to hopefully track him down afterwards!

Steve wasn’t too far after that, though he was a bit startled when I said I’d given his shoes away, haha. Leila and I struggled to pull his sodden bike gloves off, and yank off his soggy raincoat, and Leila was the only one who noticed Steve still had his helmet on, so we got that off him while he was munching a bite of banana and chugging down some of his magic juice” that he makes up with banana and coconut water and maple syrup, before he was off again and we were muddily off again with a very wet + dirty bike.

Got back home where I wheeled the bike around the side of the garage, and peeled off our wet clothes and I made another coffee. Leila decided she wanted to stay home, so I drove back out to Petone, parked near the yacht club, and clutching coffee, dry clothes, drink bottle and my muddy wet raincoat, wandered down to (hopefully) catch Steve crossing the finish line. Found the shoe guy (who might have finished first!?), got Steve’s shoes back, just in time for another wild front to sweep in past Somes Island and hammer the foreshore. We were all huddling under the eaves of the yacht club (which did nothing; the rain was horizontal at that point) and I think it was then that Steve came across the finish line. I ran out into the rain to cheer him on but everyone probably thought I was bananas.

After a bit of milling around (upstairs in the yacht club they were giving out brown bag lunches for the competitors) and more coffee, this time from the coffee cart outside (Faultline–the people are lovely), we headed off home to do some laundry and have a shower and a cold beer. Steve’s headed back out for the prizegiving, and we have our final writing group meetup of the year tonight, over at Gina’s place this time.


And I passed karate grading yesterday–will be getting my green belt on Monday evening. Leila’s got another week of school before the holidays, tomorrow I’m meeting with a new friend for coffee and she is showing me a cool writing studio in town. There is so much on right now it’s hard to believe. But right now I’m enjoying a brief reprieve, on the bed in sweatpants with a cat tucked in beside me, looking at the grey low cloud coming in across the harbour.