Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
August 12, 2023 - Site changes - comments and RPGs


Still in bed with covid, which has meant time to just sit down and work on a few things when I’m not napping! My head feels ok, though my sneezing is off-the-charts explosive, my eyes won’t stop running, and the cats have taken over the bed.

But in any case — I’ve been doing some site tinkering. Swapped out Commento comments for ones with Cusdis. They offer hosting options as well as self-hosted. I would like to look into the self-hosting at some point that’s a bit beyond me right now. It’s very basic but that’s all I’m looking for right now. (The biggest plus is that if you want to leave a comment now you don’t need to sign up / sign in for anything. All the comments have to be moderated as a result though, but that seems a reasonable payoff.)

I had to poke around a little to find the Mustache equivalents of the Jekyl variables for PAGE_ID, PAGE_URL and PAGE_TITLE; these are, entry.url and entry.title. Not hard but it meant the difference between the same comment showing on every page, and individual posts getting their own comments. Yay.

I’ve also finally sorted out the RPGs subsection (page) on this site - created a new template in Blot. There were a few extra steps involved with getting this to work so I’ll just make a note of those here:

  • found this question on the Blot support page.
  • created a new template based on Entry.html
  • added that to the package.json list
  • also added to the sitemap.xml
  • et voila!

Also in tech I am embarrasingly (?) back to Vim. I have had dalliances with Vim in the past, as well as Emacs. I am terrible for constantly switching my text editing allegiance as soon as I get a bit bored with what I’m using. Emacs is increidible but I think I spend more time tinkering with it than actually using it. The other thing that never really sat well was the accepted use” of org-mode as the mode for writing and I think I spent far too much time trying to force that to work, whereas all I think I really need are some markdown files, some transclusion, and I’m away.

Obsidian does this nicely, with a great GUI that gets out of your way. I still use that for my second brain’ but something about Vim makes me want to write with it, so there we go.