Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
February 27, 2023 - Drafts check-in


Just a small check-in really. The draft-a-week thing continues, and I think I’m mostly making some improvements every week. An entire draft in a week is quite a lot to get done however—possibly not a big deal if you are writing just one short story in seven days, but to do it again and again, week upon week…it does start to get a little trickier, but also a little easier. Trickier in that you feel like you’re always trying to keep up with the schedule. Easier in that you definitely become less precious about what story idea you go with, or even the characters or how you tell the story. Obviously you want to take care when you get to a proper re-write, but in terms of getting a story down,” quick can sometimes be good.

So far I’ve written about a ghost desperate for a friend, a couple of draft dodgers, a Juliet with her psychotic Romeo, a fox and his child apprentice, people who work on a planet of trash, a superhero desperate for childcare, and now a witch seeking revenge against her necromantic ex-master.

It’s all very rough. But these week zero drafts” are much more-done than they would have been were I to not be doing this draft-a-week shenanigans. I guess it’s all relative. My brain is going in all sorts of different directions. I think it’s a good thing. I’m trying to get it all down.

I will also (at this stage in the post) draw your attention to the new tag: dramas. This watching of the K- and the C- dramas has been going on long enough so I think we can all assume it’s well-bedded-in now. I won’t embarrass myself by going into detail everything I have watched in the last year, but suffice it to say Covid has been good to my streaming service subscriptions.

Some of the best (in my opinion):

  • You Are Beautiful (trash, but delightful trash)
  • Coffee Prince
  • The Master’s Sun
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Fight For My Way
  • Flower of Evil
  • Just Between Lovers
  • Into the Ring
  • Our Beloved Summer
  • Love Between Fairy and Devil
  • Because This Is My First Life