Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
February 2, 2023 - Draft-a-week is going well


January was really a bit of a blur, but here we are now into Feb! I’ve somehow been able to manage to wrangle some writing and work, and have also kept going with my daily runs. I’m managing a bit over 4 kms each day. Not huge, but it’s enough that it feels easy to approach when I wake up in the morning. And I’m slowly trying to increase my distance, now I can run the whole thing.

The other thing I’m doing this year is writing a draft of something each week, as part of a group thingy that the Cat Rambo Patreon people are doing. Jan was a little wobbly but I managed to get two zero-drafts done, and I’ve got another mostly done for week 5. Next week just to do something slightly different I’m going to go back through one of my old in-progress pieces and see if I can get some improvements done there.

It’s actually been really great (the draft-a-week thing) in that it’s forcing me to be a little more nimble with idea generation. Often I will sit on something and mull it over for quite a while before I begin, but this year I’ll just have to make the most of the ideas on the fly rather than doing it slowly. It might work, might not, but at least it’s a chance to play around with new ways to come up with ideas, play with things, make lists, write to prompts, and get some submissions happening again.

The other thing I’ve done is started a Tumblr blog for my Felathia V4 rewrite. It’s a weird mix between noting process, posting inspiration (such as location ideas, or character casting photos), Felathia-embodiment and actual writing excerpts (still forthcoming as I’m in my pack-rat-notes phase right now). All with a bit of a gothy theme. Anyway, it’s fun and while I do need to make sure I don’t fritter away too much time Tumblring I can see it being a useful place to accumulate.

(I also have an Obsidian vault just for the wiki - I had to move this out of my main vault as searching the wiki (and getting non-world related results) was getting a bit frustrating. But Obsidian still rocks my world…)