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March 20, 2022 - A Brain Dump


It’s Sunday late-morning. I’m on the bed surrounded by cats, and listening to Tim Clare’s Couch to 80k Bootcamp.” It’s so dang good (so far).

Just as a random exercise I thought I’d note down all the browsing stuff” that goes on when you read your emails, open links, think of other things, open those, save them for later, wonder when you’ll ever go back to them, etc.

i.e. data overwhelm.

I noted it in Tot, which seriously must be the world’s strangest app. It takes notes! But only eight at once! (Wait, it’s only seven! How arbitrary!) And yet it’s tantalising to use for some reason. I’m balking at paying $35 for the iPhone version, though the shiny-magpie part of my brain really wants it.

It looks kind of like this:

the brain logthe brain log

Anyway, it’s been really good and interesting to write this stuff down.

For the curious:

log while I try and think of where all this should live

I want to watch the quiet earth, and the geoff murphy collection.

These cat rambo classes look good:

and these classes from the National Centre for Writing (UK)

Some good links from them:

looking at sock yarn, I do love blue moon fiber arts.

This french pianist has been playing for 102 years and just released a new album

looking at getting one of these chairs. Gina’s husband Dan is part of the company that makes them and can get me a discount. Also they’re going to drop one round for us to try out.

I have this book… have I read it? Mirrorshades.

computer set up

Tim Clare links

Weekly writing workout

Couch to 80k writing bootcamp

100 day writing challenge


listening to Teens of Denial, by Car Seat Headrest

Nectarine, halloumi and rocket salad recipe

The grumpy wizard blog says:

ll leave you with a quick recommendation for the new Dungeon Weed double album The Eye of the Icosahedron. It’s a doom/sludge metal concept album with 16 songs inspired by sword and sorcery, old school fantasy role-playing with a lot of psychedelic influences. It has some great riffs, lots of heavy distortion and fuzz. Something different from the first album was the addition of trippy synthesizer melodies and background sounds that enhance the psychedelic character of the music. It’s available on Bandcamp.

Tim Clare talks about sending your writing for a dirty weekend” on his couch to 80k podcast. He also says:

  • read like it’s your job

  • what can I nick? Read what’s close to what you’re writing.

  • ask what’s done well? and how can I do it well?”

  • spend time looking for books to help your book be better (research). about getting match fit for your writing. You won’t hold it in your head forever, write the bits before you lose the info from your mind.

yoga for writers is really, really good.

Paul Graham’s essays too.

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