Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
August 21, 2021 - Day 4 of lockdown


Huh. Okay, I was certain we were at day four, but it’s day five suddenly. (I got that totally wrong somehow, we are in day 4!) I do remember last lockdown how strangely fast the days went. I guess we got into a rhythm: PE with Joe, making food for meals, baking, talking with Dad on the phone. The 1pm updates (which are back on now).

Yesterday’s update was moved to 3pm. There was an announcement about what was going to happen next. Lockdown’s been pushed out to the end of Tuesday. There are some cases now in Wellington, which was bound to happen. Places of interest seem to be in Johnsonville and one in Porirua. But in Auckland things are really spreading. It must be quite scary. Lots of school kids getting it, people in their 20s.

My stomach won’t stop gurgling. I’m not actually hungry, it’s just making a lot of noise. Plus I feel really sleepy. I went to bed pretty late, after staying up and watching Young Sherlock Holmes,” which is just such a great movie. Probably a bit scary for Leila though. But I have noticed she has nearly zero interest in watching movies, which is so strange to me. I love movies!

Today, an email from Austin Kleon, talking about the importance of tending your garden in the midst of chaos. It feels pertinent today, this week, this year. Speaks to deciding what to focus on, what to pour your energies into. Also in choosing, and being aware of, the things you grow. Tending to a blog, a project, your family, your health, even, yes, a garden. A garden is a wonderful metaphor for the small daily tasks and focus that can have such a wonderful end result. (It also makes me realise that now the weather has taken a turn for the better, it really is time to get out and give my veggie beds some love.)