Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
February 16, 2021 - Rain, Lots of Rain


Raining hard today, and very un-like summer. It’s really hard to know exactly what the weather is going to be doing; it was pleasant for a few weeks in early-to-mid January, but it’s been so on-and-off since then. Here in Wellington we get these southerlies that come straight up the harbour and take the shine off any sunny day. At least it’s relatively calm, wind-wise.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the morning trying to order my dad some books for his kindle, as he’s going in to hospital for surgery tomorrow and I thought a couple of good new books might be nice to have on hand. I’m not 100% sure if his kindle is registered to however, or perhaps, and apparently you can only gift kindle books if you are both on Sort of takes the surprise factor away, when you have to text someone to ask where their kindle is registered. And Dad didn’t know anyway, so I had to tell him I was just going to send him a gift card.

I’m feeling a bit anxious about the op, but don’t want to unload my worries on him (and belatedly, I think I already may have, gah) but it’s apparently a common procedure” and maybe I am making a big deal of it in my head for no reason. Then again, when he went in for his knee replacement surgery many years ago, that was meant to be a routine op” and he nearly died. It was really traumatic, and I guess I’m just running through all of the possible outcomes. Trying to focus on the good ones.

I found it hard to sleep last night, thinking about things, and tried doing yogic belly breathing” because apparently breathing from your belly does good things for relieving stress (and falling asleep?), and I guess it worked, though I woke up, heart pounding hard, thinking something had happened to my dad when the milk delivery truck came up the driveway in the middle of the night. (They come all the way from Eketahuna, but deliver all over Wellington. Poor buggers.) I just need to get through tonight, which I think will be harder.

Yeah, I am quite worried.

I’m going to distract myself now with some word sprints. See how many I can get through on this crappy rainy day. Leila’s got a friend coming over after school, and then I’ll be making dinner and then after that, I’m GMing a group that’s about to enter the Anomalous Subsurface Environment (ASE). So distractions galore. Wish me luck!