Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
August 9, 2019 - Scratch Zaphod and stained glass


Three days in a row is probably some kind of record for me. My aunt came down from Gisborne for a work course, and so stayed last night with us. She makes a lot of stained glass when she isn’t busy being a psychiatric health worker, and this morning we went around some galleries and shops in Eastbourne to see if anyone would be interested in stocking her work. What I liked the most was how open she was about trying new things, making things and selling them is just the process with a craft like that, and it made me think a bit about how I am with my creative life, and ask myself how I can be more open with it.

Sharing what we do is kind of a big deal, and it’s so easy to want to hold things back until we think we are ready,” or finished.” What does that even mean? Is it when the ink’s dry and the last bit of solder is finished, and the whiff of toner is in the air from the huge print job… or is it when we attain some sense of perfection, which is probably an elusive target to aim for, seeing as it moves further and further away from us as we progress and improve and learn anyway…?

I want to be more open about the things I make and write, and I guess that was a really good lesson for me today! I felt quite nervous before we went in to these places, but my aunt was just so friendly and matter-of-fact and relaxed that it’s made me want to take on a similar attitude with what I do as well.

In my spare time I’ve been enjoying playing a Scarlet Heroes adventure that’s sort of emerging as I go. It started out as a bit of a hex crawl, with my PC, Scratch Zaphod, wanting to take a break from it all and go on a camping / fishing trip. After a slow start (a few days of looking for a good spot, etc) he pulled in a great haul, only to have the fish (and entrails) stolen by a Shou-witch who has now run off, with Scratch in close pursuit!

As well as the Scarlet Heroes book I’ve also been using the Mythic GME, as well as Mythic Variations II, plus a bit of the D30 Sandbox Companion, and UNE (Universal NPC Emulator). I’ll probably post it up on Recordvault (my Ironsworn playthrough, still in progress, is up there too) once I’ve finished the current adventure. In any case I like playing a grizzled fisherman (think there was reference to one in the rulebook, that I loved) who fights with a fishing knife and is a low-level magic-user. Really enjoying seeing where this one goes.