Jess Nickelsen: Discombobulated
June 6, 2019 - Ironsworn


NOTE FROM THE FUTURE the below links all (with the exception of the Ironsworn one) are all invalid now; I’m just leaving them for posterity’s sake.

I’ve recently come across the Ironsworn RPG, designed by Shawn Tomkin. It’s made for solo playing, and if you’re a fan of tabletop gaming, I really rate it so far. I’ve not played many solo RPGs, and I am really digging the interplay between fiction (that I write) and the game mechanics (rolls that come up as the story needs them.)

If you’re interested, there is a ton of info at the Ironsworn RPG site, including all the materials, which are FREE to print yourself. I’ve also been making heavy use of the rollers here at Chartopia which save having to flick around in the book if you are consulting the Oracle (ie rolling for random stuff).

I’ve also created a Record Vault account for Elodie and Creech, my fourteen-year-old protagonist and her baby wyvern. The storytelling is a bit creaky so far, but as I get used to the game flow, I think we’ll be in business.

I really, really, like this game. The materials are great quality (well, my printing isn’t, but the theme and the way everything fits together is lovely). I will definitely be back with updates.