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Haven’t written for a while, sorry. It’s been school holidays, and basically everything goes out the door during school holidays. Then I came down with this really weird… I don’t know, maybe a virus, the first week back. No sneezing or coughing, just awful aches and pains and a real feeling of lethargy. Who knows, maybe it was the horror of school holidays coming back to haunt my body (I jest). The week after that the pine trees that seem to be everywhere decided to extrude copious amounts of pollen, and that put me out of business for the next week.

But now: I finally feel like myself again!

I’ve had a writing, er, moment of angst this week. We’ve been sent some questions by Flame Tree Publishing that they plan to publish online in the run-up to the anthology’s publication (November). I was poking around and noticed quite a few people have author pages on Amazon, linking to the anthology already.

I feel like this is something I must take advantage of, though not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. OK, well it does have to do with marketing, but rather that I could be taking advantage of the fact that someone else, who probably does it quite well, is going to be marketing a book that I’m going to be in. And I, being someone who isn’t really all that excited about doing a hard sell among friends, family, and ex-colleagues, could at least sort of show up, in a sense, and help not only support the book for some very nice people, but also actually get around to doing something I’ve probably been putting off for too long, i.e. create an author page and put something up there”.

The fact that I’m rambling and using scores of waffly words probably should tell you how nervous all of this makes me. I don’t know how I feel about self-publishing vs traditional publishing. All I know is that I love what I’m doing, and this really isn’t about trying to make money and harass people who read my blog into buying something. It’s about trying to develop a sense of legitimacy, for myself, and to take it as seriously publicly as I do at home. In my cave. In the dark.

Anyway. I got home from picking up my new glasses (yeah! It’s only been eight years!) and proceeded to take some photos of myself. If anyone across the valley had looked out the window they would have pissed themselves laughing. Anyway, taking one’s own author photo is an immensely humbling experience, for the following reasons:

  • I can’t believe how old I look, and like I could use ten more years’ sleep
  • I’m developing a odd bung eye” with droopy eyelid
  • I’m going seriously grey
  • and jowly

To make my point this is the best photo I could come up with.


(I like my glasses though. But look at those jowls!)

I’m quite tempted to use a photo I took of myself down in the study a couple of years ago. I look ridiculously younger, I don’t know, and happy to be alive:


Anyway, so that’s what I think I’m going to do between now and November. Set up an author page on Amazon, and focus on bringing together a short story collection of my own, so I can at least justify linking to the anthology, if that makes sense.

Stay tuned…

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