June 25, 2018 - getting there


Another post from today, but oh well. I am slowly getting the shape of things into something that’s generally pleasing. I’d like to do something better with tags, but for the most part I think I can justify giving my hosted wordpress plan the heave-ho! I know it’s a bit extreme of me, doing it before I was 100% sure that blot was going to work out, but– you know that feeling when you just need a clean start? You just feel like saying fuck it,” and taking the leap.


I am also getting used to my workflow, now that I’ve moved on from Wordpress. Downstairs in the study, on the mac mini, I’ve got nvAlt going (though I may have inadvertantly cross-posted to my micro blog, whoops!), but obviously that’s not going to work on the windows laptop upstairs (I have my bases fully covered, tech-wise, with an apple downstairs for my writing, a windows laptop for everyday stuff” and games, and a linux still in the garage, loaded up with episodes of Buffy for when I was using the bike trainer in there). So I’m going with — wait for it — Notepad++. I was hoping to use Typora, as it looks so much nicer, but I’ve noticed metadata tagging isn’t working consistently there (I have zero clue why). So text it is.

As well as the new start I’ve also got some good new habits in development. Regular running (every other day), morning pages (every morning), and things are starting to shake loose on the editing of my novel (second draft woes). I even wrote a 2,600 word short story today, about a lucky bus driver :)

Looking forward to getting things sorted on the photo front too. Stay tuned!