June 25, 2018 - blot reference and links


Just for my own sanity, I thought I’d make a list of useful sites and articles in going down this Blot rabbit hole”…

Blot development

John Philpin’s list of Microbloggers who use Blot

Developers reference

Chad Moore’s Blot, aText & nvAlt”, and his Setting up Blot.im and micro.blog”

How I set up a tags page on this site.

some awesome resources/how-tos from sharedmemorydump.net. I also like how he describes his privacy settings.

Hacking Blot.im metadata by Thomas Ott

info on custom metadata

other news & features on blot, from the blot news page.

Blot and webmentions

Amit’s blog post on setting it up

Partially Peaceful’s take on it

Micro.blog conversations about Blot

Hosting query, where Blot first turned up

Blot and nValt; Blot and hosting

Blot and domain mapping; webmentions

Blot conversation 4, discussing dashboard changes, and how to implement a tag menu.

List of micro.bloggers who use Blot (also tagging)

How to set up a photos page on Blot

Template to show all photos on your Blot page

(Note: there are also links to individual people, etc on my links page)

General Blogging:

funny wordpress article on blogging”

Colours and CSS:

Color scheme I like #8!

I also like the background colours #f18973, #caebf2, & #d5f4e6.

HTML color picker

CSS and HTTP reference