Farewell, Mr. Fang

It’s been a really tough few days around here. On Friday, I took my cat Sooty to the vet, because he was starting to look really skinny and frail. He’s getting on, so we thought that he was just ageing, plus he’d had some thyroid issues last year that we thought had been sorted out.

Turns out he had a large tumour in his intestine. The vet suggested I take him home for a weekend of cuddling, but then bring him back on Monday. For the final visit.

I’ve got so much more to say about him – what a great cat he was, how he was seriously so refined and gorgeous – but it’s all a bit too soon. The weekend was just a wash of tears and guilt and a pit in my stomach.

Instead I’ll post a couple of photos of him during happier times. (The tuxedo cat is Pippi, who has since become gargantuan from eating all of his abandoned dinners.)



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