Getting organised…

Yep, this is where I work, part 2. This is one end of the “study,” a downstairs room under the house that’s accessible from an outside door. I’ve taken it over as my woman cave, and filled it up with books, my gaming computer, the tarot card collection, tapes (and my old stereo that still plays them), sewing machine, typewriters and commodore 64, photographic equipment (including all the stuff for a darkroom I haven’t set up yet), and other miscellaneous items.    My sister got me a really nice 2016 diary for Christmas, and I’m already determined to use it to be more organised with the important things this year. Scheduling in writing time, monthly goals, and even when to write blog posts. Maybe I can be a bit more regular this year?

It’s raining today. Apparently we’ve got a tropical storm heading south, which means the rain is pretty warm and we still got in a family swim in the pool this morning. After the last week of warm, sunny weather, the rain feels like a bit of a relief!

I haven’t looked back at my last posts from last year, but I can tell you what happened: I hit a snag. I’m not very good at working through snags, and I know that’s something I need to focus on. I hit a snag and my brain just sits there, gasping and looking around. I know you’re meant to write through those hiccups, back up and try something new, but I find it really hard to do. As a result most of November and all of December have been writing-free. A bit troubling, considering I was hoping to have my first draft done by the end of the year.

I’m not giving up though. I’ve already had my share of “mulligans,” with my writing, and so I’m not stopping, or giving this one up. I’ve set myself an easy goal of 500 words per day. Surely I can write something about something for 500 words. Gotta do this, gotta get through this. After that the rest of the day will feel like I’m home free…

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