On zero-word days and cutting yourself a little slack

A couple of days late on the check-in, sorry. Here’s what days 11 – 20 looked like for me, wordcount-wise:  A couple of zero-days in there. The first was due to a day-long workshop I went to, and then fell asleep on the couch afterwards. The second was the day before Steve’s birthday, and we were busy getting ready for it, and then he came home with a bottle of red wine, and it was Friday night, and we wanted to watch the last few episodes of Outlander…

So, still on track, but it’s really interesting to see what a dent a couple of no-work days can have on your productivity!

Yesterday was a zero-word day as well, partly due to the fact that my wee girl looks like she is starting to give up her naps. Up until well, now, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and organising during that two hour chunk of time in the middle of the day when she’d been sleeping. Suddenly I don’t have that any more!

I know it’s a big step for her but losing that time is a seriously huge change for me.  All of a sudden if I have something on in the evening, it means if I want to write I have to (gulp) get up early to do it, or stay awake long enough in the evening to do it.

Problem is, she’s awake at 5:30 most mornings. So “getting up early”… means 4:30? 5? Nooo. I try to grab every scrap of sleep I can get these days. Or do I, as Ursula K Le Guin did, write from nine till midnight, and hope I can still make it on 5-6 hours of sleep a day?

Bleugh. I don’t function on that much sleep. I turn into a grumpy zombie.

Or do I (this is rhetorical, of course this is the option I’m going with) just accept that these zero-word days are just a part of life, and having kids, and potentially a bit of slack might be the decent thing to do, when one has other responsibilities? The wordcount log still keeps me on track, and maybe unlike Ursula I can aim for 8-10pm, get in a bit less writing, but still keep my toes wet.

All of this makes me think I need to compile a handy list of things I can be doing while my little love is up and about. I feel a mind map coming on…

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