Where I work, part 1

Photo 17-09-15 4 26 43 pm

This is where I work these days – up at the living room table, stuff spread everywhere. I do have a study (stay tuned for part 2), but in winter it gets cold, feels dark, and writing with the baby monitor on can be a pain. It’s also a bit of a hassle for everyone at dinner time, when I usually wind up shoving everything down to one end and we eat down where the CDs are. But the pros are that it’s close to the kitchen (and coffee!), and I can type a little, like I am now, when the sproglet watches her little bit of TV in the afternoon.

Plus – when I stand up, this is the view!

Photo 17-09-15 4 33 10 pm

4 thoughts on “Where I work, part 1

  1. Kitchen means coffee for a writer.

    “Where’s the spoon, hon?”
    “Oh, over there, in that room,” said the writer.
    “Which room? The bedroom?”
    “No, no, the one you go-to through from the living room…”
    “What sort of writer doesn’t know to describe a room?” she said with a profound ‘humph!’
    “The coffee-room dear. I think humans call it Kit-chen or something. You know, the place where all the coffee comes from? Oh, the aroma of powered passion wafting through the air when you ground the beans, aaah.”
    “Found the spoon!” said the wife.
    “Yes, darling.”
    “Can you use that spoon to put some of that coffee powder into a glass and pour a bit of warm milk into it?” said the writer, looking out through the glass into a landscape of wilting sunshine and orange clouds.

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