Checking in – first ten days of September

A small check in:

I’ve written up a word count chart on an index card, and I’m using that to keep track of my writing goals for the month. It looks like this:

I love index cards

The last 10 days were good, writing-wise. I wrote every day, and on all but one day I surpassed my word count goal (something around the 760 word mark). I intentionally decided that I’d give myself a very comfortable word count goal for this, so that I actually do write every day, and get the added bonus of hitting the targets and feeling good!  So: 9,357 words in the last ten days, which means I’m on track for my monthly goal of a minimum of 22,980 words. (I also put in a “comfortable” (whatever that means) goal of 25,500.)

Organisation-wise, I did have some work to do. I decided when I picked this project up again that I would really only be able to make good use of my limited free time if I had some sort of goal when I sat down every day.

Now, I’m by nature not inclined to outline. In the past I had a lot of difficulty if I wanted to try and sit down and plan out a longer piece. I usually wound up freewriting until I got to a certain point, and then would keep a single document (or page in a notebook) where I’d just list “stuff that has to happen” or “what happens next.” A quasi-outline, I suppose.

This time around, I’m notecarding. I do love index cards (I’ve written about them in the past), and something about shuffling them around, putting two different scenes side-by-side and looking for a spark that might result in an unplanned, third scene, is awesome.

I’ve also decided to loosely adopt a standard three act structure for this guy, just because it feels intuitive, and again, I’m starting to learn that I find the writing less intimidating if I butt up against some structure now and then.

But going back to what I was blathering about organising, I really only have planned scenes for the first act, which I suppose is me doing my quasi-outline thing again. And these are, of course, changing as things progress (I didn’t suppose that my elderly heroine, Felathia, would lose one of her eyes after she struck a deal with the old gods – it happened, and I sat there for several moments after, thinking what just happened? but also oh, of course.)

Anyway, apologies for the detail and the rambling. I’ve decided this blog is going to be the way to keep me on track – if I miss my goals next week (or next month), I’m going to have to own up to it! Hah. That ought to terrify me into sticking to the plan.

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