Camp Nanowrimo

Been busy! A trip up to Taupo (loong road trip with a two-year-old) and more personal organizing. Been reviving my index cards/zettelkasten (of which I plan to write more in the near future), and also more work through How To Think Sideways. Lesson eight (the pre-plan worksheets) is taking me an age to go through. I think it’s because as I start to ask questions I suddenly want to go back and tweak other things, or something will start to become clear which means I need to organise it in other places as well. But so good to be having this internal conversation at this stage, rather than after I have written the thing.

I’m thinking of doing Camp Nanowrimo this year. It’s been a long time since I touched a toe into Wrimo-waters, but I think I’m ready for a kick-start to my project. I think all up I’ve completed five Nanowrimo months, and have, as a result, five franken-novels sitting in my virtual desk-drawer. I have no idea what to do with them. Last month I hauled one out (my gothic western) and went through it, making index cards, doing a reverse outline, planning what I would do with the thing. And then when it was time to write it – I stopped dead. Couldn’t convince myself to start on it. Strange? I think it just feels too old, even though there is some great stuff in there. (Well, stuff that made me happy, anyway.)

Generally, I find revising a really strange experience. Your mind has to make weird leap from writer to… well, not reader, exactly. A sort of “I’m pretending I’ve never read this before” mindset crossed with an English teacher. The cold, calculating part is hard for me. I suppose at heart I’m a feeler. An impressionist. Although, in fairness the scalpel isn’t hard to keep out when I’m reading other people’s writing! So strange.

It is wet and rainy here today. I’m on my revived macbook (seven years old and I just replaced the hard disk with a new SSD, and it is running like an old thing with new legs!) – finally getting around to ripping old CDs to iTunes (even though I hate iTunes) and generally organising my digital life. Still feels productive. I love weekends.

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