Morning of Beethoven

I’m listening to this as I write. Isn’t the driving left hand wonderful? I love Beethoven. Can play some of his Sonatas on the piano but this is truly inspiring. Plus it looks like a lot of fun to play!

Autumn has really set in now, with rain and chilly nights. Times like this I am so happy we have moved to be near to the sea. I love driving round the Eastbourne bays and seeing all the debris washed up on the road. When we drove Steve to the ferry this morning there was sand and rocks thick on the road in some places. Other times there are shells and bits of stuff left by the seagulls, foraging for food.

We have a new dining table – well, sort of. It’s a 100 kg beast of a thing, that once I’d assembled I found had been dropped somewhere on transit and now has a dented corner:

dented table

We’ve been on the phone to “customer care” to try and get it sorted – hopefully they will just take this one away and bring us an un-dented, un-splintered table top. I was pretty stressed out about it on the day (I think it was the prospect of taking the table apart again) but the issue has sort of passed on in my mind now.

Apart from this, er, small dent in things life in the new house and new neighbourhood has been going really well. I think I’ve found a babysitter (haven’t met yet, but spoke on the phone and she sounds really nice; she babysits / nannies a lot around the area), maybe a piano teacher (still need to ring him; I’ve been contemplating taking lessons again), and even a Wednesday mothers & babies yoga class that sounds really cool!

Overall, it just has a wonderful feeling. This is a photo I took on one of our walks last week:

on our walk
On our walk

Nice, no? I do dearly love rugged beaches when the weather is stormy. Sunny white-beach vistas don’t do it for me at all.

Rain. Hopefully this rain will clear up a little before lunchtime – we are going into town to meet my friend Katherine for lunch.

And – just to finish off this very rambling, non-post sort of post (hey, I’m out of practice), here are some of Moo’s latest photos:

Photo 19-04-14 11 41 03 am

Photo 23-04-14 1 49 11 pm

Photo 28-04-14 2 00 23 pm

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