While she’s sleeping

…at least I think she’s asleep. Been a tough week with the wee one. She’s got a cold and doesn’t much like lying down when she can’t breathe through her nose. Poor bubba. All snotty.  Steve got sick too but I think I have dodged the worst of it.

It feels weird not to be getting stuff ready for the house now. Feels like we’re in a state of limbo, waiting for next Wednesday, when the “caravan” of real estate agents will all come through the house. (What does the “real” part of “real estate” refer to, anyway?)

One nice part about it all is that my study is the tidiest it has ever been. I can hardly believe it. I can stretch out at the desk and there’s room for everything. The problem is, I removed SO MUCH STUFF from here that I don’t know if I could ever realistically have it like this. Unless I just threw all that stuff away… but it’s all papers, notebooks, etc. that stretch back years. What do people do with it all? I think (I guess) we are afraid to throw it out, even though looking back on early writing attempts is often hugely painful. So we box it up and carry it around with us. Maybe I should junk it all. Aargh.

And in a ridiculous effort to generate yet more stationery-related mass in the study here, I’ve also recently decided to have a go at adopting Hawk Sugano’s (what a great name!) “Pile of Index Cardssystem. Apparently it only becomes really useful once you reach 1,000 cards, so I have a way to go:


But I love, love, love, the concept of ending up with an analogue database with which I can then create all sorts of weird relationships between data: shuffle cards, sort them, make different piles, put two random cards side-by-side and see if anything sparks in my brain. I’ve always wanted to write more personal-style essays, but for the most part my thinking is so disorganised (c.f. this blog) that I find it difficult to even find a place to start. So far it’s been a really interesting experience writing down most of my thoughts during the day – in this form, I mean.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything, but it was sad and beautiful.

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