Countdown to the wedding!


Totally unrelated to the baby photo, which is here on merit of its cuteness alone…

Less than two weeks to go for the wedding! Food is sorted, as well as the photographer, band, clothes, flowers, nanny, celebrant, order of service, vows, favours, presents for groomsmen & bridesmaids, seating… It’s actually quite insane to think of all you need to pull together for one of these things. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m nervous. Funnily, I’m not! There are butterflies, but I’m just excited.

It’s just going to be so fun! Seeing family, old friends, having a laugh and a dance together, etc.

And wearing this has been really special:

(Ignore the pjs! Am watching the America’s Cup on telly.)

But that is my grandmother’s engagement ring, and I’ll be wearing her wedding band too. The story behind it goes that my grandpa snuck into his mother’s room and, ahem, “borrowed” some money she had stashed away. He snuck off to Stuart Dawson’s in Wellington and bought Nana her ring. He was always so cheeky, hehe.

The only thing I still have to do is make Moo her dress. I know which pattern I like, but just need some time to get stuck in. I’m going to try to start it this weekend.

But for now, it’s a funny grey day, and NZ is behind in the race again – but only just! I’m going to go watch the last leg…

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