Tarot for the Mummies

I’m not sure if this is a bit of a cross-post (but hey, who keeps their lives compartmentalised?) but I thought I’d come up for air and write a little bit about what I’ve been doing lately.

I belong to this great (private) Facebook group called Mummies for Life! (including the exclamation mark). While I’m not really all that keen on the title, the group is excellent, in that it’s a mostly Wellington-based, good, open-minded, practical and kind forum for new mums to ask questions and help each other out. Photos of nappy rash are posted, queries about teething, sleeping, feeding, poo – you name it. Needless to say it probably is something that would only interest a new mother, but as I am one myself, it fits the bill.

Lately people have been posting “pay it forward”s – offers of some sort as gestures of goodwill. Usually freebies – anything from frozen food to homemade dolls, etc. I took the plunge and offered some free tarot readings. It was really well-received! So I’ve been busy with those, fitting them in between naps, and I’ve even got a couple of “face-to-face” readings booked, including one for this morning! The woman I’m reading for just lives down the road (I don’t know her), and she’s a new mum just like me. I’m still nervous a bit, but not that horrible “I’m in over my head” sort of nerves. They are good nerves, I think.

I never really thought of myself as a “tarot reader” type. I’m quite practical, really, and though I do have fantastical leanings, the whole tarot thing felt like a bit of a dirty secret. I was terrified people would think I was one of those people who can’t leave the house without asking the cards whether they should turn left or right when they stepped out the door. But you know what? I really enjoy shuffling the cards, laying them out, and even that heart-stopping moment where you look at what’s lying face up and you draw a complete blank. It’s seat-of-your-pants sort of stuff, and it’s actually rather thrilling.

So even though, for the most part I keep my tarot ponderings quite firmly sequestered over in the other blog, this “coming out” (I hate that phrase) sort of feels appropriate here.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it. Keep offering free readings? Open a stall at the saturday market? Set up a Facebook page? Add readings to my etsy store? … I’m not sure yet. But in the meantime I’m going to finish these readings for the ‘Mummies’, and see what comes from it.

As Dan Pelletier quotes Zig Ziglar in “The Process”:

If you give enough people what they want, you will get what you want…

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