10 year blog anniversary

It’s hard to believe really. Ten years? How on earth did that happen?

Ten years ago I was 26. What did that look like?


Hehe, yikes! I think that was going to be a visa photo. I look young. Awww.

I’d just returned to New Zealand after spending three fantastic but ultimately turbulent years in Dublin. My grandpa was still alive. My sister was about to get married. I was footloose and fancy free; a bit stuck, work-wise, but happy to be back near family after so long away.

I think I was planning on becoming an English teacher, to speakers of other languages. I’d finished my RELSA cert in Dublin and I wanted to keep traveling!

I got a temp job in Wellington, after spending the summer waiting tables and being a tour guide in Taupo. I’d spent a lot of time with my grandparents, which I’m still really happy about. That was just before everyone’s health started to go downhill.

The temp job became permanent, and I rebelled by enrolling to do my honours degree part-time. I studied Old Norse. Italian. American Gothic literature. I wrote 10,000 words on virtuality.

I met Steve. Moved into my own place. Started writing reviews for NZGamer.com.

My grandpa died.

Steve moved in. We got a bigger place. Went to Vietnam. Got a cat.

Got a new job, testing websites. Bought a house. Got another cat. Went to the States, back home after twenty years away.

My grandma died.

Quit my job, tried to write. Went back to work again, but this time as a contractor. Inherited another cat. One Christmas, after much egging from my sister, Steve announced we were getting married.

We went to Germany. Denmark. Sweden. Ireland. Morocco. Hong Kong.

I went to E3, as a writer for NZGamer.com.

Found out I was pregnant when I couldn’t stop being sick on the plane from LA to NZ.

Had a baby, Leila, who I adore.

I didn’t really mean to launch into that list. It was just interesting to look back on all the major bits. I think (hope) I hit them all.

I’m trying to think of what I can do to celebrate this blog being ten years old. If it was a little girl it would go off and celebrate by getting its ears pierced. But I can’t do that for you, dear readers. I’d bake and send you a cake, if I could, but New Zealand is so far away from you (I look at the stats!) that it would be in terrible shape by the time it arrived.

I could write you something, but it would have to be short, something I could fit in while Leila is napping. A haiku.

I could do a tarot card reading for you.

I could send you a favourite recipe!

I could send you a favourite photograph that I’ve taken.

…if you’re interested, that is.

So, in honour of my 10 year anniversary of being discombobulated, if you’d like one of the above (a haiku, tarot card reading, recipe or photograph) contact me via my contact form and let me know which one you’d like. The offer’s open from now ’till the end of September. Enjoy!

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