Rainy day at home

It’s a wet, grey (and glossy green!) day out there today, and Steve took the car to work, and we both forgot that the baby buggy and front pack were in there too. So Moo and I are stranded at home today.

But honestly, would you want to go out when there’s this much fun to be had at home?

Bubs 1

Bubs 3

Bubs 2

Bubs 4

Hehe. I’ve actually got a few things done (including some work! and a boot camp workout!), but then got lost on Pinterest when I saw a series of boards that had all sorts of STUFF from my childhood. (I’ve liked oh, a few million of them here.)

Stuff like this.

And this.

And this. (Oh, I loved my Caboodle!)

Oh man, and these.

Oh dear.

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