Blink and it’s a month later…

It’s been about a month, hasn’t it? (Erm, runs away to check…) Oh holy hell, it’s been two months. What have I been doing?

I’ll just post some photos while I frantically try to think about what I’ve been up to…





(These are all from last weekend, our trip to Taupo to see family… Leila met some of her cousins for the first time! They’re all such cuties, aren’t they?)

Oh wait. I knew there was something. I got hideously sick for most of June. It all started with a niggly sore throat that I was feeling every night and when I woke up in the morning. But it was one of those ones that goes away during the day, while you pretend that there’s nothing going on. But all the while, you know, IT is there, lurking. The sickness…………..

It bade its time and then when my defenses were (literally) down, it lunged. It was the first real cold that I’d had since before I had Leila. If you’ve never been there before, being sick with a little one is not fun one bit. It’s impossible to get the sleep you desperately need… added to the fact that Moo (our nickname for her) decided to go through some sleep regression stuff at the same time meant that June just sort of…disappeared on me.

The bummer of that was that I’d just got through my first week of “boot camp”… an 8 week exercise foot-in-the-bum run by these guys. So I missed a few weeks of exercise, but fortunately they are all taking a two week break (pushing out the camp to 10 weeks), so I’m slowly in the process of catching up. I’m not usually much of a joiner (I’m stubbornly independent, usually to a fault), and so have been surprised to really enjoy the daily streaming workouts. I’m actually looking forward to doing them! I really like that the workouts are only around 30 minutes (but intense; interval and resistance training), which means I can fit them in around Miss Moo’s naps.

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