Belated Mother’s day

Hello, and happy (belated) Mother’s Day! Did you have a good one, or send something nice to your mother? I hope so.

It was weird to be on the receiving end of a Mother’s Day card (with $20 note, a lotto ticket and a scratchie inside) and box of Rose’s chocolates. I loved the total cliche of it, but think next year I’ll ask for what Wendyl says she asks her children to give her: candles, flowers or some of their original artwork.

— whoops, just had to go rescue a grizzling bubs who had managed to shove herself up against the top of her moses basket, and wedge her dummy under one ear. The dummies always wind up under the ear, don’t they. It always looks so uncomfortable.

Anyway, this was our Mother’s Day portrait:

mother's day

And here are a few more photos of the week (sorry for the wonky sizing of everything… I’m still not on to a good photographing – blogging workflow…)

20130506-172353.jpg Photo 11-05-13 9 49 09 AM Photo 7-05-13 9 54 29 PM Photo 8-05-13 7 52 19 AM Photo 8-05-13 7 52 55 AM Photo 9-05-13 9 31 58 AM Photo 14-05-13 9 23 45 AM Photo 14-05-13 9 25 04 AM Photo 14-05-13 6 25 41 PM Photo 15-05-13 7 38 00 AM Photo 14-05-13 4 18 31 PM

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