Ruby, popcorn and Instagram

First up:

… isn’t it lovely? My dad just emailed it to me. I love virtuoso kids who look like they love doing what they do.

It was a good weekend:












I’ve started using Instagram to record what’s going on during the week (plus I like the square format; why is is so much nicer to look at than the standard photo rectangle?). Not that it’s terribly exciting, but if you want to see (or even follow) my Instagram posts you can find them here. But in any case, it’s a good reminder for me as to what’s been going on during my week, when I finally get a chance to blog a bit. (And I am trying to be more regular; both for my own sake (when the week goes by and you can’t remember what on earth you got up to), and for Leila. I don’t know what the internet landscape is going to be like in ten years’ time, but I’d like to think she might enjoy reading back about this time in her life.)

So – we got the tights and bloomers on her, and they seemed to work out really well! The bloomers are a bit tight around the leg, so I will add more there on the next pair. But the tights made from my cardigan worked out a dream (though I did have to go over the seams a few times to re-catch spots my zig-zag stitch had missed). I finally got around to shucking a bit of my popcorn, but when it popped I didn’t get the result I’d hoped for. It may be that they need to “season” a bit more, though Dad said with home-grown popcorn it can be a bit hit or miss, and they can lose the water content inside (the reason why the popcorn pops in the first place) fairly quickly. It was still fun to do – and I love the red colour. (The popcorn in question, by the way, is Koanga’s strawberry popcorn.)

The quilt is still progressing, though I confess I haven’t done much since I last wrote. I did head out to Spotlight however and pick up some more thread, so now I have no excuses not to continue!

Argh, every time I sit down to keep writing this, bubs starts yelling. She is just not wanting to sleep this afternoon. I’ll have to tell you about my knitting next time!

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