Sick, rainy day, and sewing

It’s a totally yech day today, made worse by the fact that Steve has caught a cold from one of the guys he works with. He was looking a bit snuffly and sheepish last night, and when he woke up this morning he sounded decidedly nasally and unhappy. He’s been alternating between sleeping in the bedroom and lying on the couch, snoozing through movies. Boo and I sat in there for a while, she batting away at her play gym, and me half-watching S.W.A.T. (awful movie) and entertaining her.

We had a meeting with Plunket this morning as well. The 8:30 start was a bit of a challenge, even though we only had to drive five minutes down the road. Still, we made it on time, and the Plunket lady was quite lovely with her compliments on how well Leila seems to be doing (no nappy rash! great skin! anticipates me pulling her up into a sitting position! seems happy!). She’s up to 6.52 kilos, yay!

So the morning went by with not a lot of activity, but then I decided I fancied a frittata, after wondering what we’d do with the organic box of fruit and veggies that arrived yesterday:


So I found this recipe online, and went and raided the garden for spring onions and dill. To the general spring onion/dill mixture I also added a couple chopped leaves of silverbeet, the cherry tomatoes that were sitting unhappily in a bowl in the kitchen, and a poblano chili that Steve harvested from the greenhouse. No photo (we devoured the whole thing!) but it was yummy – especially when combined with Steve’s homemade tomato sauce.

After lunch Steve retired to the bedroom for more sleeping, and I had to swaddle boo because she was getting really grumpy. I hung some laundry on the horrible laundry rack (old, with plastic chipping off and starting to go rusty; I’d love a wooden one, if they weren’t so damned expensive), and then thought I’d do a spot of sewing.

The squares are still being stitched together for the quilt, but I thought I’d have another go at making some of the “Made by Rae” baby tights. (Pattern and tutorial here.) I tried to make some yesterday out of an old camo tshirt, but they wound up being way too tight (as there wasn’t enough stretch, width-ways):

tights1(Still love that photo though, hehe.)

Take two looks something like this (though I won’t know for sure how well they fit until Leila wakes up from her nap and I can try them on her). These tights were made from a knit cardigan that I was meant to be re-sewing the cuff on to, but in a moment of madness realised they would make the perfect baby tights:


They are nice and stretchy, and better still, were small enough to only use the material from the sleeves, which means I can hopefully use the body material for something else for L. The elastic on the top I bungled a bit, but invisibly, so hopefully no-one will be able to tell.

While I was on a roll, I took the plunge and had a go at making these baby bloomers as well:


I found the pattern courtesy of the lovely Alicia, who does amazing things with fabric for her bub. I was thinking of this pattern when I ordered that Liberty fabric the other day, but wanted to test out the pattern with something a bit, uh, cheaper. Still, these green flowers have been kicking around for a while and I never really knew what to make with them. They’re kind of kooky (which I love) but perhaps not so good for something grown-up sized (too much?). Anyway, these came out really well, and I can’t wait to try them on Leila (over the new grey tights, no less!) tonight.

It’s nearly 5pm and the cats are starting to circle. Somehow they always know when it’s nearing their dinnertime.

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