Family history, fabrics, and a sunny day.

Take a look at these photos:


OK, so it’s sort of hard to get them exactly side-by-side, but the top one is (probably quite obviously) Leila, while the bottom one is my Dad, 64-and-a-bit years ago. Eerie, no? My Dad was a big baby – apparently 25 pounds at 6 months. I don’t know if he was joking or not, but he said the nurses at his dad’s hospital overfed him with some baby wonder-gro formula.  (OK, now I’ve linked to that article about the hospital I also have to link to this piece on the Portland Tribune website, about my “eccentric” grandfather, “Doc” Nickelsen, who lived in Portland and owned a hospital (my dad grew up next door), and who was a big game hunter and brought home a pet cheetah. Actually, they had a few cheetahs as pets, but Chui, the first one, was the best of the bunch.)

In other news:


fabric shopping


Top pic: some cool Liberty fabrics arrived in the post today, courtesy of Shaukat. The bottom three are going to be used for Leila, I think, while the top I’m intent on using for a dress for myself. OK, we’re about to go into autumn (actually I think we’re well into autumn, it just still feels summery), but you just never know with New Zealand. Sometimes autumn and winter have better weather than summer – seriously.

Middle pic: a few more yards of fabric that I picked up at Spotlight. Still thinking clothes for L.

Bottom pic: I bit the bullet on Sunday and started cutting for a quilt. It’ll be my first, so I don’t have any complicated delusions. I just want something colourful and cozy. Square pieces, and I’m going to tie the quilt rather than sew it (I’m not sure if my sewing machine is up to anything too complicated.)

It’s a really sunny day today. We went out this morning to pick up a bouncinette that I got second-hand on TradeMe, then stopped in Karori to post a parcel and print some photos at the chemist. I got a coffee at the local deli (Gamboni’s), which is brilliant, and Michael, the owner, is always good for a chat. Miss Moo got cranky when we got home (though she did seem to enjoy the bouncinette for a while), so I’ve had to swaddle her for a bit of sleep. (I don’t like to swaddle her during the day, as we do it every night. But sometimes, when she’s really cranky, and desperately needs sleep, but her arms keep flapping around and stopping her from drifting off, well, then I swaddle.)

Sleep tight, sweet boo:

Dammit. Instagram keeps crashing on my phone. You’ll just have to imagine a sweet, sleeping baby instead.


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