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Leila and Steve

We had a great walk this morning in Zealandia, the wonderful sanctuary in Karori that’s completely pest free. Nothing but birds and ancient tuatara (and scores of people with baby buggies!). It was a beautiful day. Not too hot, but lovely and mild. I was so happy to get out for a good long walk. I’m really starting to feel like my baby belly has been hanging around a bit too long. It was sort of cute before, reminding me of all those months of being pregnant, and the labour, and our wee girl, but now I’ve had enough. I want to be able to wear my old jeans again! I’m determined to start doing sit-ups every day.

It was a great week, with my sister coming down from Thames on Monday. It’s been a good long while since she and I had some good “sister time”, so we were long overdue for some good sitting around, talking, watching The Misfits on TV, knitting and talking about life. I really wanted her to be able to spend a little bit of time with Leila, after our trip home over Easter, which was just so busy it was hard to sit down and have a decent conversation together. She’s only just come out of a six-month relationship that she thought was going to be a good one. Understandably she was feeling a bit shaky, but those brisk Wellington winds did the job, I think, and helped to blow away the cobwebs. She said she was feeling a lot better when she left on Saturday.

When I was bringing in the laundry off the line I stopped for a few moments to look at the last of the roses. (OK, the second photo is a hydrangea, but you get the picture.) It’s been a good summer. It was beautiful and warm, and though for most of February I didn’t really make the most of all the good weather, it was a wonderful welcome to the world for our summer babe. It’s hard to imagine how things will be next summer, but in the meantime there are all sorts of warm woolies to wrap her up in, and still time for some more frantic knitting before the cold winds pick up again.

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