Being a mum

So…I’m a mum now.

That’s a pretty awesome statement (in the full meaning of the word). A mother?! Me??

Wee Leila is now just over a month old. She’s gone from a relatively-teeny 3.73 kilos, to just over 5! (That’s 11 pounds.)  She’s feeding really well, starting to sleep for longer and longer stretches (whew!), pulls ridiculous faces when she’s all filled-up with milk, and – I think – is already smiling!

Leila and Sooty
Leila and Sooty

(OK, so she’s sleeping in that one. We don’t have any smiley photos yet.)

Some days, and nights, are hard. Others just let you catch your breath for a moment before the whirlwind starts up again. And still others fill you up with the sort of happiness you never felt before. Fierce pride, love, and the mama-bear feeling of wanting to protect your cub, against all odds. It’s intense, bewildering, and just plain wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Being a mum

  1. Hi Jess, congratulations! I’ve been meaning to say that for *oh* a month now!! Time flies when you are looking after little ones. Sounds like you and Leila are doing really well. xx Nicola

  2. Thanks Nicola! I didn’t realise you were blogging. Your site looks awesome. Wish my sewing was up to making one of those nursing tops. They look lovely.
    Hope you and your bubs are well too! Would you be up for a house visit one of these weeks?

  3. Hi Jess, thanks :-) I’m just blogging in a small way for now.

    Yes, I would LOVE a visit. I could come visit you if it is easier, but Finn is easier to wrangle at home if you are happy to come over this way.

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