Long weekend

We’re mid-way through the Wellington Anniversary long weekend, and it’s been lovely so far.

Had a lazy sleep-in yesterday and then Steve and I headed into town, to what’s fast becoming my favourite cafe  in town: Arthur’s. Last time we went I was a bit put-out because I was trying to be good about all of the food you’re meant to avoid when you’re pregnant (i.e. no coffee, runny poached egg, or hollandaise), but this time around I gave myself permission to have what I felt like, and it was incredible. I wound up having a gorgeous soy flat white, runny poached eggs on sourdough bread with their beautiful greens and hollandaise, plus bacon and roast potatoes! (I knew there was a benefit to this pregnancy lark: no-one blinks an eye when you order a mammoth meal.)

Then, very sated, we ambled slowly down Cuba Street to Slowboat, for some music shopping. Steve had given me a voucher at Christmas and I was itching to spend it! We wound up getting a stack of vinyl (blues and jazz mostly, as well as the Velvet Underground’s Loaded, and a recording of Auden poetry, plus I found some cool Putamayo children’s (lullaby) albums that I snapped up.

I’m really, really keen to get a collection going of awesome kids’ music. There are some incredible albums out there, by people you would never expect to make children’s music (Etta James, Ledbelly, Doc Watson, They Might Be Giants), as well as some of the classics I’m keen to get my hands on (Burl Ives, Pete Seeger folk tunes, and Mr. Rogers). There’s a lot of new stuff too that I’m keen to explore – unfortunately most of it will have to be ordered from Amazon, which means pricey shipping to New Zealand. Then there’s the question of buying mp3s vs vinyl or CDs. Sure, the mp3s are handy, easily downloaded (no shipping costs!), etc. but I have really fond memories of being a kid and having my collection of records that I loved to play. That tangible awesomeness is something I want this little bub to experience for herself as well.

Steve has been on fire this weekend – he’s made me some shelves for the closet here in the study, and scrubbed the manky walls and cupboards in the kitchen that I’ve been fretting over in a wave of pregnancy-inspired nesting. He’s washed a load of prefold diapers, just to get them nice and soft and receptive, and now he’s out mowing the lawn! I do feel hideously guilty but at the same time I’m so unwieldy there’s not a lot I can do that doesn’t involve dropping things, grunting when I bend over to pick something up, or wincing at my achy back and hips. But the sun’s out and the lawns are nearly done. I’m going to try and convince Steve to put the chores aside for the rest of the day and enjoy the peace of a Sunday afternoon…

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