Sick today. Looks like Steve’s bug has made the leap and implanted itself in my head.

Got up to make a Lemsip at 5:30 (because I couldn’t sleep anymore and the birds outside were really getting raucous), but then made the mistake of googling “is Lemsip OK when pregnant?” and found out that no, it’s not OK.


Looked at my mug of Lemsip. Had to leave it in the kitchen and come back to bed. Steve, the complete champion of champions, got up at 7 and went to the supermarket and bought some Panadol (just about the only thing you can have when you’re pregnant), and I had that with a hot lemon and honey (which gave me heartburn).

Yeah. Getting sick when you’re 38 weeks pregnant: not a good idea.

I’m going to do nothing but blob today. Already had to cancel a lunch date with my friend Katherine, and D&D tonight. Who knows how many more of those I’ll be able to make?

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