My new buddy!

Something new arrived in the post this morning…

Photo 15-01-13 11 18 32 AM

Photo 15-01-13 11 18 12 AMYeah!

I’d always wondered about the Kindle (and e-Readers generally); whether it was really worth getting (and having) an extra device just for reading. After all I have an iPad (1st generation) that still works for reading e-Books (even though it does crash every time I use it for internet surfing). And being the book-lover I am, do I really want to move from the tactile loveliness of paper under my fingertips, to a digital screen?

But the fact is that I literally have no more room in the house to store my books; they are in boxes in the basement, where I imagine spiders creeping in and getting them all cobwebby. And I can imagine the convenience factor will be high once bubs comes along and I’m sitting on the couch (hopefully, successfully) breastfeeding in the night. But it does, still, feel like a real indulgence, even though it was bought with a Christmas voucher from Steve, and I still feel like a kid on Christmas day just looking at it sitting here charging…

I just need to get through the last few pages of The Book Thief (which I’m reading as a book-book, loaned to me by Steve’s dad) so I can get on to the the Kindle versions of either Jim and the FlimsThe Book of English Magic, or Pelagia and the White Bulldog!

P.S. Officially at 38 weeks today!

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