Still hanging in there…

though the belly is taking on some serious proportions at the moment.

I’m at 37½ weeks, officially “full term”, and I guess now I know what it feels like to be pregnant. (Weird thing to say?) It’s one of those Big Life Moments that everyone talks about, and what I’m starting to learn about those is that you really have no idea at all what it’s like until you go through it. And then when you do, you start to realise why people then go on and on about whatever-it-is: it’s huge, it’s so different from anything you’ve ever done before, nearly to the point where you feel like a line’s been drawn between “old you” and “new you”, and all you can do is look back at it in amazement.

Soon I’ll know what it’s like to give birth to a baby; I’ll know if all the things you hear are true. If it is like “pushing something the size of a watermelon out through something the size of a lemon”, or “pulling your bottom lip up and over your head” (who knows where the hell that one came from; it’s not exactly a readily-accessible frame of reference for most people). Then again you hear about people who waltz in to hospital, a beatific smile on their faces, and waltz back out several hours later, still serene.

And one cool thing I can say I’ve experienced, and that’s to have something pressing on your ribs…FROM THE INSIDE! Freaky yet awesome at the same time. (Still more freaky than awesome though, hehe.)

I’m really not doing much during the days, though that feels quite right at the moment. Sleeping is hard, though, and it’s frustrating because I’m not one of those people who can “burn the midnight oil” and then charge off during the day with little sleep. We have a ridiculous contraption set up on the bed at the moment: base futon layer, covered with one of those eggcarton-patterned foam toppers. That was all I needed up until around Christmas. Then another duvet went on top of that, folded lengthways in half, for even more padding. Then a quilt. These worked for about a week. Now I’ve got a sponge “swab” that Steve brought up from the basement, covered with the duvet and quilt, and I perch up on top of all of it, and finally my hips don’t hurt:

Princess and the Pea
Princess and the Pea

It’s like something out of the Princess and the Pea… totally ridiculous. But without it I was having to sleep on the couch, and while the cushion bits are comfortable, the bits between are really hard (it’s a modular couch), and though my hips are fine on it I then get sore ribs from those between bits, and… you get the picture.

Of course this all isn’t going to last much longer – 1½ – 3½ weeks – but then we all know what comes next!

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