More of a proper update

After yesterday’s delaying tactic, I thought I’d better write some sort of a proper update, seeing as it’s been half a month or so since the last meagre offering!

2012 – what a year, eh? It went so fast, but at the same time, so much happened, I can hardly believe it. E3 was only six months ago, but already it seems like I’m such a changed person since then. And here I thought it was going to be my year’s highlight! But noooo.

(Just for the sake of it though, here’s some of the past year’s highlights…

  • wrote 50,000 words at the start of the year – decided to chuck most of it, but have some key things to keep and develop…
  • got pregnant
  • attended E3 as a senior writer for
  • found out we’re having a girl
  • started a kick-ass veggie garden, mostly from heritage NZ seeds
  • bought a vintage Montblanc
  • failed NaNoWriMo fairly spectacularly
  • made some brand new friends, through the antenatal group
  • wrapped up work
  • wrote quite a few game reviews, including Borderlands 2 & Guild Wars 2
  • finally finished reading The Magic Mountain (If you know how long it took me, you’d list this as an achievement too)
  • pinned down a date for our wedding
  • saw Devo!
  • Survived the Mayan apocalypse and had my birthday the next day
  • Had Christmas at Government House


Half of those things on that list would be year highlights potentially (wrapping up work, for example, but when it happened it really only felt like a blip on the radar) – what an insane year it has been! No major holidays, though we did get away for a couple of nice weekends to the Wairarapa.

Next year Steve’s going to be using his accrued leave to take some time off, in addition to the two weeks of paternity leave he’s allowed, and then towards the end of the year (after the wedding) we are thinking of doing something like renting a camper van and, for our honeymoon, travel around the South Island a bit, bubs in tow. Neither of us has ever been to Stuart Island (something we both want to remedy soon), or the Catlins, and Steve’s never been to Fiordland (though I had a few Geology field trips there back in my uni days). So a bit of travelling close (well, closer) to home is likely to be on the cards, I think.

Speaking of cards, I also recently started yet another blog, this time around all the stuff I get up to with tarot cards. It’s (very originally) called Herself’s Tarot Notebook, and you can find it here.

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